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 Insight Focused Therapy (IFT)

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Neuroplasticity or, brain plasticity refers to the extraordinary ability of the brain to modify its own structure and function following changes within the body or in the external environment.  You can rewire your brain to enjoy increased wellness and stress reduction … Neurons that fire together wire together!

Insight Focused Therapy is a mindfulness based psychotherapy, an integrative model that draws from the latest neuroscience research on neuroplasticity and interpersonal neurobiology, incorporating with it the principles of mindfulness, kindness, self-compassion, non-judgmental acceptance, intentional attention, self-awareness and spiritual awareness into a simple and deeply therapeutic tool for change through the re-wiring of the brain.

IFT has many applications for personal development and as a counselling modality for therapists who wish to use IFT practices to care for the psychological and physical concerns of all types of people.

Client-Centred Therapy

Do you find that the person you present to the world is different from the real you?

A client-centred approach helps you become everything you were meant to be, as the therapist provides a supportive environment for self-discovery. As you realise your potential, you are enabled to be increasingly self-aware, trusting that you are able to make decisions which are good for you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Do you find that your thinking skews your perspective of yourself, others and the world, causing depression, anxiety and other emotional disturbances?

CBT will help you to map and understand your problematic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and offer interventions that will re-direct you to healthy alternatives.

Existential Therapy

Are you facing a developmental crisis, life transition, or wanting to reflect on your values or purpose in life, or simply to increase your self-awareness?

An existential approach focuses on the nature of the human condition, exploring the ultimate human concerns of death, freedom, isolation and the need to find meaning. the therapist journeys with you, assisting you on your life quest.

Family Systems Therapy

Is your relationship causing you distress, or are you experiencing difficulties in your family?

This approach recognises that people are shaped in their family environment and cannot be understood in isolation. Attention is given to how partners/family members cause difficulties, rather than focussing on one ‘problem’ member. A change in one part of the family has a domino effect, influencing the rest of the family.

Gestalt Therapy

Do you sometimes feel as though you are in two minds about something, not quite connected to the here and now or as though something is blocking your full potential?

Gestalt Therapy works towards wholeness and a blending of thinking, feeling and behaving. It emphasises personal responsibility, considers how issues are avoided, increases awareness of living ‘in the moment’ and looks at removing blocks which hinder your unique creativity. This is an approach which emphasises experience and connection to feelings.

Interactive Drawing Therapy

Do you think in pictures or perhaps you are more cognitive but would like to explore this aspect of your creativity with a dynamic fast moving approach?

IDT utilises right-brain functioning in its use of visual imaging , rather than the more left-brain, cognitive functioning accessed by the more usual ‘talking’ approach. Because of this process’s ability to bypass cognitive functions it can quickly access the unconscious, bringing healing and change.

Narrative Therapy

Have you ever looked back on your life in amazement at how you survived a particular time in your life, or achieved a particular task? Would you like to recapture the ability?

Narrative Therapy takes you on a journey of exploration, reviewing your history with a view to highlighting themes of strength and capability which may have been eclipsed by more dominant negative themes. The problems you struggle with are externalised because you are not the problem – ‘the problem is the problem’. This enables a more objective approach to difficulties which may seem insurmountable.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Are you noticing repeating unhelpful patterns of relating to others?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy examines the effects of a persons early experiences on their current functioning and relationships. As many of these connections are outside our awareness, this approach focusses on making the unconscious conscious, so you can live and relate intentionally, rather than constantly falling into the old unwanted patterns.

Solution Focused Therapy

If you woke up in the morning and a miracle had happened and your life was working the way you wanted it to , what would be the first thing you would notice? Does this question tantalise you? Then a solution-focussed approach may intrigue you.

Rather than concentrating on the problem, a solution focussed approach looks at what’s already working and considers how you can have more of that! Believe it or not, this model sees the problem actually as a solution that’s not working, so….if it’s not working…don’t even go there!!

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