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Insight Counselling Services is the counselling/private practice arm of Insight International (New Zealand). Insight Counselling offers a wide range of counselling services 
designed to help you get the most out of your life. Our Therapists are highly-qualified, very experienced health practitioners and offer world-class psychological training and therapy.

Counselling in Europe

We have trained and experienced therapists available in AUSTRIA, THE FAROE ISLANDS, THE NETHERLANDS or NORWAY.  If you would like to enquire about, and/or arrange face-to-face or Skype counselling please contact the country representative via. the country links above or go directly to the Country Page of the location that you require.

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Meet the Counsellors – NZ

Pauline Skeates

Pauline Skeates

B. Couns., RGON., Dip. NPU., Cert IFT., Cert RF. Pauline Skeates is the director of Insight-International and developer of Insight Focused Therapy (IFT). She leads the work internationally and in New Zealand as well as being the founder and director of the busy Auckland therapy centre Insight Counselling Services. She is the proud mother of three adult children and ‘GG’ to her two beautiful grandchildren. Her years of experience and her vibrant and informative teaching style have earned her a reputation as a speaker in many countries around the world. Counselling sessions are available either face to face in certain countries or via Skype. Pauline Skeates NZD$172.50 per hour Phone mobile: (0064) 021 974 172 office: 09 846 8887 Email

Meet the Counsellors

Sandy Fabrin

Sandy Fabrin

B. Couns., RGON., Cert. IFT., Family Court Reg., NZCCA., ACC Reg.  Sandy works in private practice with Insight Counselling Services.  She works with people, using a range of therapeutic  tools to facilitate a safe and respectful, healing process. She incorporates into her work, principals of Insight Focused Therapy, a mindfulness-based therapeutic modality.

Sandy’s areas of specialty include trauma, emotional issues, relational difficulties, grief, stress management and life transitions.  Part of her practice involves sensitive claims work for ACC.

For those specifically interested in Art Therapy, Sandy offers individual and/ or group sessions.

Counselling sessions are available either face to face, or via Skype. Sandy Fabrin @ 120 NZD per hour.   Phone office: 09 846 8887 mobile: (0064) 0275340257 Email

Sandy and Pauline of Insight Counselling provided mediation between my ex-husband and I at the initial stages of our separation and divorce. They showed incredible skill in navigating the challenging dynamics inherent in a divorce, supporting each of us as individuals, all the while maintaining a clear focus on keeping our child’s needs at the forefront of all discussions.



Following a childhood with multiple traumas I found myself in my twenties suffering from social phobias and debilitating anxiety. Using IFT Pauline has given me the tools to dramatically improve my life to the point where I am able to live essentially unimpeded by these difficulties that at one point emotionally crippled me.



As  someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I needed help to address re-emerging memories and other side effects of my PTSD. Today I am living with my PTSD managed through regular talk therapy and without the need of medication. I am even able to be in situations that were once triggers, without problem now, where the memories have been processed and desensitized. Having spoken to, and read the accounts of, others who have PTSD, I know I am very fortunate having the help Insight Counselling has been able to give me.



Counselling Services Offered

We offer a wide range of counselling services at Insight Counselling NZ including:

Skype Counselling

At Insight Services we have two qualified, experienced female counsellors who work using a wide range of counselling approaches to suit individual needs and situations.


We offer supervision services for therapists. Sessions are booked in hourly or 1.5 hourly sessions.


We all have times in our lives when we feel stuck are need some external guidance to help us move forward in a positive, productive way. Insight Counselling have excellent life-coaching services that offer practical solutions based on the latest neuroscience research. Our therapists can teach you how to re-wire your brain for permanent change.

Couples Counselling

Our therapists specialise in couples counselling. We provide a safe, welcoming space and work with both individuals to meet their desired outcomes. Couples counselling is usually booked in 1.5 hourly sessions.

Counselling Therapies and Methodologies

At Insight Counselling we use a wide range of therapeutic techniques to help clients achieve their desired outcome.  If you would like to know more about the counselling theories and methodologies that we use at Insight Counselling such as Insight Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative therapy, please click HERE for more information.

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