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Our vision is to promote a life-giving message of grace and the restoration of hope for all, through educational training, resources, psychological assistance, topical seminars and gatherings of like-minded people, who are interested in intelligent Christianity, as demonstrated in loving community.


Insight International - The Faroe Islands

Insight International – The Faroe Islands

Meet the Faroese Team


Hilda Videro

Insight International – Faroese Co-ordinator

Hilda Viderø is the mother of two handsome young men. She has worked in Denmark, Africa and the Faroe Islands as a social worker and counselor. She is the founder and owner of Grugvan, a counselling centre in the Faroe Islands. Hilda has trained as a social worker/diakon, psychiatric aid, supervisor and family counselor at The Kempler Institute in Denmark and as an IFT counselor in Copenhagen. She is married to Johannes Johannssen.


Anja Hansen

Anja Hansen varð gift við Terja í 1989, og tey eiga trý børn. Hon undirvísir í klaverspæli og hevur ábyrgdina av einari føroyskari kristnari sjónvarpsrás. Í 2004 varð Anja spurd at koma við í ein sálarróktarbólk í samkomuni, og hon hevur tikið fleiri sálarrøktarskeið síðan tá, t.d. Sálarrøktar Familjuráðgevingarskeið hjá Agape og Insight Focused Terapi, modul 1-7.

Anja Hansen has been married to Terje since 1989 and they have three children. She works as a piano teacher and is the founder/leader of a small Faroese Christian television channel. Anja was asked to join a Christian counselling team in 2004 and has attended several Christian counselling courses since then, including a two year Family Counselling course, and Insight Focused Therapy modules 1-7.


Malan Olsen

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