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Neuroscience and Mindfulness in Therapy

Mindfulness trains our ‘mind’ to harness the ‘brain’s’ natural capacity for structural re-configuration.

Current research shows that the practical application of neuroscience principles in therapy, enhances positive psychological change and growth (Siegel, Davidson, Singer et al.). The data is so compelling; we can no longer ignore it. Learning how to harness the restructuring capacities of the brain is a new wave of therapy.

It’s not Rocket Science, It’s Brain Science!

Invest in your own well-being and also discover a therapeutic process for helping others.

Insight Focused NeuroTherapy (IFnT)

IFnT is an integrative model of therapy which draws from the latest salient discoveries in neuroscience research and mindfulness studies. These, together with concepts from; Attachment Theory, Coherence Theory, Developmental Theory, and Polyvagal Theory have been integrated into a cohesive and practical, therapeutic process.

IFnT employs the findings of neuroscience and provides the necessary components and processes needed to utilise the brain’s innate capacity to change, at a structural and functional level. This is known as neuroplasticity – neurological restructuring as a result of input from the environment.

The IFnT process, with its focus on mindful acceptance, kindness and compassion, calms the reactivity of the fight and flight response and down-regulates anxiety.

Mindfulness fosters the formation of ‘mind-space’, a perspective that allows us to see beyond the automated patterns of behaviour which are driven by negative core beliefs, perceptions, and inherited epigenetics.

The IFnT process leads people to discover new insights bringing freedom from beliefs and memories that have kept them limited and caught in patterns of unhelpful thoughts and behaviour.

A large body of research points to the effectiveness of mindfulness in promoting neuroplasticity, leading to a greater well-being and better quality of life (Davidson, Williams, Kabit-Zinn, Siegel).

IFnT training is beneficial for all health professionals and also for those seeking personal growth. The course encompasses ten days of training throughout the year on various Saturdays.

We offer a supportive, encouraging and safe learning environment, where you can interact with like-minded people. The course is held in the lovely ‘Brick Barn’, in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Morning and afternoon tea and a healthy substantial lunch, will be provided.

The training will be led by Pauline Skeates the creator of IFnT and co-facilitated, by experienced therapist, Sandy Fabrin.
IFnT training comes highly recommended by therapists, doctors, Psychiatrists, creatives, pastors, social workers, business people and individuals.

“The IFT course run by the team at Insight International has given me a lot of theory and useful techniques that have changed both my personal life and how I work with clients. I enjoyed the combination of theory and exercises which allow for experiential learning. The course is held in a lovely location and presented in a clear manner. I highly recommend this course.”
Dr Chantal Hofstee Clinical Psychologist.

“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, I believe, for any individual. This course provides huge insight into this process. Oh, and the hospitality shown as we learn is awesome! Thanks ‘Insight’ team :) “.  Deb - Designer

2013/2014 IFT Course

“I have enjoyed and benefited from being part of the IFT training course over the last year. The teaching material is well presented and incorporates practical exercises that lay the foundation for a new set of life skills that can empower you to achieve change and growth on an ongoing basis”. Sam - Stock Market Trader

2013/2014 - IFT Course

The IFT course that is run by the team at Insight International has given me a lot of theory and useful techniques that have changed both my personal life and how I work with my clients. I enjoyed the combination of theory and exercises which allow for experiential learning. The course is held in a lovely location and is presented in a professional and clear manner. I highly recommend this course! Chantal - Clinical Psychologist

2013/14 course, renewyourmind

Thank you to Pauline and her team at Insight International.
I completed Insight Focus Therapy Level 1 &2 and can highly recommend this course.
The days spent in class were interesting, supportive, friendly and not really like traditional teaching at all. We were presented with a mix of videos, written material, exercises, and Pauline’s excellent teaching. The information presented is extremely well researched with lots of references to follow up on afterwards. We were given plenty of free reading material which I continue to use for reference and further study.
If you are an experienced counselor, therapist and people person then this is a course for you. You will expand and deepen your knowledge as well as gain confidence in your practice. Well worth it!


2015/16 course

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