Mindfulness in Practice: IFnT Short Course





Our Level 2 Professional Development Course for People Who Work with People


“The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our brain architecture & the resultant quality of our mental and physical health.” Dr Caroline Leaf   Current research shows that the practical application of neuroscience principles in therapy enhances positive psychological change and growth. Mindfulness trains our ‘mind’ to harness our ‘brains’ natural capacity for structural re-configuration. The data is so compelling; we can no longer ignore it. Learning how to harness the restructuring capacities of the brain is a new wave of therapy. Insight Focus NeuroTherapy employs the findings of neuroscience and provides the necessary components and processes needed to utilise the brain’s innate capacity to change at a structural and functional level. This is known as neuroplasticity – neurological restructuring as a result of input from the environment. Insight Focus NeuroTherapy is effective because it:


  • Reduces fear through acceptance and kindness
  • Links symptoms with implicit memories
  • Enhances awareness of deep implicit material and insights
  • Optimizes cognitive dissonance when new awareness’ and old beliefs are held in juxtaposition
  • Utilizes the self-organizing capacities of the brain for neural reconfiguration to occur
  • Promotes integration of dissociated parts
  • Results in behavioural and cognitive benefits leading to improved wellbeing
  • Results in the discovery and emergence of Ipseity
  • Is non-directive, ensuring the client is empowered
  • A gentle process that is easy to understand and apply



This course is suitable for those who work within; the health and psychological professions, people who work with people, those who have completed Level 1 Insight International courses (including Introduction to Mindfulness) and for those who wish to enhance their personal growth and development.



This well-researched course, with an emphasis on neuroscience, is comprised of teaching and practical tools that are readily applicable. This course also provides a comprehensive teaching on how to facilitate neurological restructuring – rewiring the brain.

  • Course notes – value $50
  • Reference reading
  • Email follow up
  • 1 group supervision session – value $100
  • A copy of our book From Distress to De-stress – value $13

We are committed to fostering an encouraging and safe learning environment, where you can interact with like-minded people. Come and join us to rewire your brain for success.


One Saturday per month over 6 months
Commences 27th April 2019



4 hours from 1 – 5 pm



Class notes
One group supervision meeting
Afternoon tea



Min 10



The Brick Barn, 83 Ivanhoe Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland




Day One The Science of the Brain
Day Two The World of Awareness
Day Three Insight on Relationships. + Insight on Attachment.
Day Four Pathways to Change and New Growth. + Fear Reduction and Softening of Defences
Day Five Emergent Insights and Neural Reconsolidation
Day Six Consolidation and Synchronicity



$695 GST incl per person
Early bird $650 inc GST
Payment plans available
10% Discount for full payment
10% Discount if you bring a paying friend

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