Many people have heard of the proven benefits of mindfulness practice and even have been practicing for years without understanding how to apply it therapeutically.

Insight Focused Therapy is a mindfulness-based, integrative therapeutic modality which draws from the latest salient discoveries in neuroscience research and mindfulness studies.

This modality has been used by therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, mentors, pastors, coaches, and people-helpers.  It can also be used as a life-changing personal development tool.  In fact, anyone can use this open and accepting inner dialogue.

Many of us are stuck in unhelpful recursive patterns of thought and behaviour stemming from the brain’s protective mechanisms and defenses that trap us and prevent us from flourishing and reaching our full potential.  Unless we learn how to master these limiting dynamics, we find ourselves to be constantly, at their mercy.  What we need is to find a non-threatening spaciousness that allows us to venture beyond these automated mechanisms. The process of IFT allows such a possibility. Imagine being able to access a peaceful place where stress and judgment cannot reach you, a place of calm living where rich and wonderful sensory experiences await you and where kindness reigns supreme and deep insights can be accessed. Imagine how you would flourish in such a place.

Whether you are hoping for help with your personal journey of healing or if you wish to use IFT professionally, the 3 day accelerated Insight focused Therapy training in Schladming, Austria, this summer would be highly beneficial.