A Level 2 Insight Course

Mindfulness | Level 2

Mindfulness has been around for hundreds of years and is now integrated into the fields of education, medicine, therapy, and people’s everyday lives because its many benefits have been widely researched and the results are indisputable.

At Insight International we view mindfulness as not merely a set of skills or practices but a way of being in the world that promotes wellness and peaceful equanimity on personal and interpersonal levels.

Why is this?

Mindfulness practice reduces stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

The symptoms mentioned above are because humans have a survival response that is absolutely necessary for our ability to adapt throughout our lives but sometimes it becomes sensitised to the extent that it interferes in our lives and elicits unhelpful coping mechanisms.

Mindfulness reduces the need for those coping mechanisms because it allows us to quickly regain our equilibrium, in a healthy way.

Another major issue is that on average, we spend 47% of our day lost in thought, thinking about the pressures of work, the stress of raising a healthy family, dreaming about things in the future or ruminating about regrets of the past. This keeps us from fully experiencing the present moment and we can never retrieve that moment once it has gone.

If you have completed our Introduction to Mindfulness – Level 1 course and are looking to take your skills to the next level, this course is for you.

Mindfulness practice will help you to:

  • Manage stress
  • Learn how to reshape your thoughts away from criticism and judgement
  • Learn how to manage emotions and simply enjoy life more
  • Be more present to others, produce more satisfying relationships and resolve conflict
  • Improve heart rate variability and reduce heart disease risk
  • Develop your ‘flow’

What you can expect

This course provides comprehensive teaching on mindfulness – informative videos, discussion, individual practice and feedback

Materials include:

  • Course notes and reference reading
  • An e-mail follow-up program to reinforce learning
  • Guided mindfulness exercises
  • A one day in-person course
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Program format

The program is run over a two day period

Course dates





Lunch included

Class size

Max 10 participants


The Brick Barn, 83 Ivanhoe Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

Course Overview

Prerequisites: Insight Mindfulness Level 1

Mindfulness A way out of the Default Mode

Mindfulness and the body-mind bridge Taming the mind through the body

Mindfulness – Letting go to grow – Let it be, let it go, let it in

Mindfulness and flourishing in the workplace

Mindfulness and the upward spiral of positivity Broadening awareness and building resilience

Mindfulness and Awe Reviving a sense of wonder and connection


$360 excluding GST

10% discount when you bring a paying friend

run this course in my town


My cousin Debbie went to one of these. Will I be required to talk about my personal experiences like she did in her class?

We work with our attendees to create a safe and supportive environment to faciliate anyone talking about their personal expriences if they want to. But no one will be required to share anything they are not comfortable with.

I’m wanting to attend this course as part of my professional development programme. Do you provide any proof of attendance or certificate of completion that I can provide to my employers?

Yes we do provide certificates to all of our attendees who complete our courses. These are also required for attendance to our level two and upwards classes.

what people have to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training presented and found the theory and techniques very useful in broadening my professional
practice, as well as enriching my everyday life. I would highly recommend it to professionals working in the helping
professions or anyone with an interest in personal growth and development.”
LINEE, Clinical Psychologist
“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, for any individual”
Deb, Graphic Designer
“The course is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. The trainers are wonderfully welcoming, sensitive and knowledgeable. They deliver the content in a manner that brings research and theory to life. I gained so much that I have been able to implement both personally and within my work. I recommend this training without hesitation. Go for it.”
JULIE, Occupational Therapist