Letting Go To Grow 

This event has been rescheduled to summer 2020

What if trees refused to let go of their dead leaves? They would not grow! Trees remind us how beautiful it is to let things go.

The natural world has much to show us about letting go. Even our breath can remind us of this, every time we inhale, we have to let it go; otherwise, there is no room for the next breath. Receive and let go, releasing it to make room for the new oxygen-filled breath…over and over… in this miraculous life-giving rhythm.

The natural rhythms of nature help us to understand our constant progression through life’s different stages and seasons.  Amidst each change comes a temporary loss of equilibrium that calls for adaptation,

 “letting go to grow”.

In spite of our brains capacity for learning and rewiring, automatic, time and energy saving functions of the brain, actively ‘resist change’. Due in part to the brain’s way of limiting overload and increasing efficiency.

  • Understanding the neuroscience of change and how the brain functions during a transition, will help us manage automatic “change resistance” and develop strategies that maximise our brain’s capacity for transformation.
  • We will learn to be conscious participants on our journey, to celebrate what has been, to manage expectations and fixed outcomes to give conscious space for what invites us to grow.
  • In learning to let go, we learn to move on, to either mindful action or mindful rest. Both of these states call for our participation in letting go; our quality of presence and the practice of loving-kindness, in thought and action.
  • Letting go, to grow.

Over two days this summer, ‘thought leader’ and trainer, Pauline Skeates, will introduce you to the concepts geared to move you beyond your current capacities, to adapt to new levels of resilience, acceptance and joy in the process.

There will be ample time for personal processing to help you on your journey of life-changing insights.

During free time, you can explore the gorgeous surroundings of the popular resort or any organised activities or simply your adventures.

Insight International’s Summer Seminar, “Letting Go to Grow”;  will take place in Schladming, Austria.

If you have been considering doing something for yourself in 2019, for your personal growth and replenishment, this may be your perfect opportunity!

We hope to see you there!

This rhythm of life holds a profound truth that we will explore together.



Insight Focused Neurotherapy – IFnT

This event has been rescheduled to summer 2020

You are invited to attend a four day accelerated learning course on IFT where Pauline Skeates, developer of Insight Focused Therapy, will condense all the components of IFnT into a well-executed schedule.

Whether you want to hone your existing IFnT skills, begin the learning process or experience a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic, gentle, therapeutic modality, this is a special opportunity to do so. The four-day seminar will be like a sensational ‘feast for the mind’, during which you will have the opportunity to learn and discover life-changing, personal insights.

The power of IFnT is that it harnesses the natural, scientifically proven processes of body and mind. Its mindfulness principals reduce stress, enhance awareness and introduce the self-compassionate perspective that is necessary for neurological restructuring to occur. We also learn how self-compassion plays an important role in the freedom from secondary distress of judgement and shame.
We invite you to join us at this seminar where you will discover insights on how to obtain and maintain a balanced life and how to apply the IFnT principals that will help with your overall physical health and psychological well-being.

Come and be informed, enriched, stimulated and restored in the stunningly gorgeous setting of Schladming, Austria.




June 30 – July 2020  – Summer Series 
June 30 – July 2020 – 2 Days “Letting Go To Grow”
July 2020 – 4 Days Insight Focused Neurotherapy – IFnT


“Letting Go to Grow”   2 days €400 + VAT
Earlybird €325 + VAT

“IFnT”  4 days €800 + VAT
Earlybird €725 + VAT

6 day Seminar Package €950 + VAT

Early Bird discounts valid until 30 April 2020

Austria Summer Seminar Series


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  1. For cancellations made more than 2 weeks before the event start date, the refund given is 75%.
  2. For cancellations made from less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event, the refunded amount is 25%.

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