Netherlands 2022

the power of loving-kindness

Are you longing for more love and kindness in your life, more peace of mind, more time and space; the chance to slow down and saviour those moments filled with beauty and grace and to focus on your inner being?
We invite you to our retreat, “The power of loving-kindness”.
It is God’s greatest desire that we experience His Love. He knows how we can catch our breath in His Loving Kindness. How we can transform from within without driving ourselves harder and harder to be better and better. God calls to us to be still, to rest, to trust in His grace and Loving-kindness, a gift, without cost.
Sometimes our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, prevent us from receiving this wondrous gift. Outside the realm of conscious awareness, our nervous system works continuously, evaluating risks in the environment, checking and assessing. When our system is stressed out like this; anxious about all sorts of things, our brain goes into ‘lockdown’, a tunnel vision that restricts our perspective and drives protective behaviours, preventing us from resting and receiving and realising our fullest potential.
When we slow down and let go of trying and striving, the peace of God surrounds our heart. Our inner world begins to open and take in His love, by letting go, we fall back into the image of God within us, transformed into His likeness through love.
Pauline Skeates, the founder of Insight International and developer of Insight Focused Therapy (IFT), will lead us for three days of entering into the presence of God. Her enthusiastic, catchy and humorous style of teaching will make you feel right at home where you can relax, as she invites you to go on a journey; to unwind in the safety of loving-kindness.
You will learn how to establish the essential elements that are necessary for the brain to rewire itself; the important aspects of how the brain functions and how best to utilize its natural processes to promote insight, integration and healing. You will discover “it is not what’s wrong with you, but what happened to you” that got you to where you are right now. Change is possible when we see things from a different perspective in the loving and kind presence of the always-present One.
During this retreat, time is allocated for teaching, worship, wonder, stillness, and fellowship. You will have the opportunity to gain experiences that will change your life. There will also be time to get creative and of course to enjoy delicious meals, interaction and nature.
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10th – 12th June 2022


Friday 9.30am – Sunday 4.30pm


De Leilinden in Soest, Netherlands


Lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks


If you are looking for accomodation in the area we ask if you can arrange this yourself, if you need any help please feel free to contact us. We do advice you to make a booking which you can cancel if necessary, this is for example usually possible with van der Valk hotels.


€ 300,- per person excluding accommodation

€ 450,- per couple, excluding accommodation

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run this course in my town


My cousin Debbie went to one of these. Will I be required to talk about my personal experiences like she did in her class?

We work with our attendees to create a safe and supportive environment to faciliate anyone talking about their personal expriences if they want to. But no one will be required to share anything they are not comfortable with.

I’m wanting to attend this course as part of my professional development programme. Do you provide any proof of attendance or certificate of completion that I can provide to my employers?

Yes we do provide certificates to all of our attendees who complete our courses. These are also required for attendance to our level two and upwards classes.

what people have to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training presented and found the theory and techniques very useful in broadening my professional
practice, as well as enriching my everyday life. I would highly recommend it to professionals working in the helping
professions or anyone with an interest in personal growth and development.”
LINEE, Clinical Psychologist
“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, for any individual”
Deb, Graphic Designer
“The course is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. The trainers are wonderfully welcoming, sensitive and knowledgeable. They deliver the content in a manner that brings research and theory to life. I gained so much that I have been able to implement both personally and within my work. I recommend this training without hesitation. Go for it.”
JULIE, Occupational Therapist