Mindfulness In Practice – Part A

“The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our brain architecture and the resultant quality of our mental and physical health.”

Dr Caroline Leaf

Current research shows that the practical application of neuroscience principles and mindfulness practices in therapy enhances positive psychological change and growth. Mindfulness trains our ‘mind’ to harness our ‘brains’ natural capacity for neurological re-structuring. The data is so compelling; we can no longer ignore it.  Learning how to harness the restructuring capacities of the brain is a new wave of therapy.

Our mindfulness method, Insight Focused NeuroTherapy employs the findings of neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion studies and provides the necessary components and processes needed to utilise the brain’s innate capacity to change at a structural and functional level. This is known as neuroplasticity – neurological restructuring as a result of input from the environment.

Who can use it?

IFnT can be used by therapists, mentors, coaches, advisors, and people-helpers. It can also be used as a personal development tool. In fact, anyone can use this loving, open and accepting inner dialogue.

The research of Friedrickson (2010) documents that as little as eight minutes of mindful-awareness practice per day results in a significantly increased sense of well-being.

Components of IFT

In our training you will learn aspects of the latest research from neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion studies, drawn from experts such as: Siegel, Schore, LeDoux, Cozolino, Porges, Kabit-Zin and others, together with principles from Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Fixed Point vs Emergent Living, Coherence and Clean Language Theories, biological principals and spiritual awareness.

You will learn how to utilize the principals of IFnT that will help you to take mastery of your life and maximize the neuroplasticity of your brain.

Course Details

One Saturday per month
over 6 months
Commences March 2020

4 hours from 1 – 5 pm

Course notes
One group supervision
Afternoon tea

Min 8

The Brick Barn,
83 Ivanhoe Road,
Grey Lynn, Auckland

Day One
The Science of the Brain
Day Two
The World of Awareness
Day Three
Insight on Mindfulness
+ Insight on Attachment.
Day Four
Pathways to Change and New
Growth + Fear Reduction and
Softening of Defenses
Day Five
Emergent Insights + Neurological 
Restructuring and Reconsolidation
Day Six
The Healing Power of Self-compassion and

Early bird $695 incl GST
Payment plans available
10% Discount for full payment
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Mindfulness in Practice Part A Registration

I truly enjoyed the Mindfulness course. It has a beautiful balance of theory on the brain and hands on exercises. I felt calm and refuelled after each class, as well as equipped with effective exercises. I recommend this course with confidence.

Sheetal Patel, local GP

This course taught me a lot about how the brain works. It has taught me how I can stay calm, even during the busy and stressful days. I now feel more confident and in control, This has made me a happier and more patient person and mum.

Mother of 2

A mindful way of perceiving and relating to difficult experiences has helped in my journey with depression. I came to meditation around 15 years ago, when stuck in a two-and-a half year depressive trough. I had thrown myself in desperation at various treatments, but mindfulness offered something different. The method itself meant practicing acceptance, just the opposite of what I was used to. This marked the beginning of a transformation—a recognition that the way I was approaching the “problem” of depression actually helped perpetuate it. Through meditation, I learned to see how my attitude and behaviour, characterized by self-critical striving and resistance, was a significant factor in how I felt. Mindfulness offered a gentler way, and I learned how to be kind to myself, even—especially—when feeling stressed.

Course participant



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