A Level 2 Insight Professional Development Course for People Who Work with People

insight focused neurotherapy | part a

Current research shows that the practical application of neuroscience and mindfulness principles in therapy enhances positive psychological change and growth. The data is so compelling; we can no longer ignore it. Our approach, Insight Focused NeuroTherapy (IFnT), employs the findings of neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion research. IFnT provides the necessary components and processes needed to utilise the brains innate capacity to change at a structural and functional level.

The course covers:

  • Neuroscience of the brain
  • Mindful acceptance, kindness and compassion that calms reactivity and down-regulates anxiety
  • ‘Open mind-space’ – a perspective that allows us to see beyond the automated patterns of behaviour
  • Polyvagal Theory – utilising the vagus nerve to calm the brain, incorporating Porges ‘neuroception of safety’
  • Social Constructivism and the development of neurological structures in the brain
  • Epigenetics – environmental impact on gene expression (inherited or present experience)
  • Neural reconfiguration and integration (Coherence Theory)
  • Positivity Theory – Softening the defenses, Broaden and Build, ‘micro moments of love’ by Barbara Fredrickson
  • Clean Language – therapeutic language by David Grove
  • ‘Wheel of Awareness’- adapted from Dr Dan Siegel’s work
  • ‘Emergence’ – Complexity Theory

who should attend

We have tailored this course to those who work in people-helping professions, and those who wish to enhance their personal growth and development. Ideally, participants will have completed a Level 1 Insight course and want to take their mindfulness training to the next level.

With the ever increasing demands and expectations on us, techniques that care for body and mind are essential to help us thrive.

what you can expect

During the 6 months, the team at Insight will share the latest research, strategies and best practice to leverage the power of our brain to change. This course is packed with practical tools and exercises so that you get to apply what you have learned for yourself and the ones you care for.

Course includes

  • Course notes, reference reading
  • Supervised group session
  • Copy of our book ‘From Distress to De-stress’

We provide a stimulating environment where you are able to be curious, explore and learn. Come and join us to discover the principles of neurological restructuring.

run this course in my town

program format

1 Saturday afternoon per month, for 6 months




4 hours from 1 – 5pm


Includes afternoon tea

course includes

Group work
Course notes

class size

Max 10


The Brick Barn, 83 Ivanhoe Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

course overview

Day One The Science of the Brain

Day Two Mindfulness + Awareness + Focused Attention

Day Three Polyvagal Theory + Relationships + Attachment

Day Four Clean Language + Neurological Restructuring and Consolidation

Day Five Pathways to Change and New Growth + Fear Reduction and Softening of the Defences.

Day Six Application + Integration


$199 + GST per person per day

bring a paying friend and get 10% discount off your course fee
Payment plans available

run this course in my town


I’m wanting to attend this course as part of my professional development programme. Do you provide any proof of attendance or certificate of completion that I can provide to my employers?

Yes we do provide certificates to all of our attendees who complete our courses.

what people have to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training presented and found the theory and techniques very useful in broadening my professional
practice, as well as enriching my everyday life. I would highly recommend it to professionals working in the helping
professions or anyone with an interest in personal growth and development.”
LINEE, Clinical Psychologist
“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, for any individual”
Deb, Graphic Designer
“The course is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. The trainers are wonderfully welcoming, sensitive and knowledgeable. They deliver the content in a manner that brings research and theory to life. I gained so much that I have been able to implement both personally and within my work. I recommend this training without hesitation. Go for it.”
JULIE, Occupational Therapist