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Meet the Netherlands team


Esther Jansen

Insight International – Co-ordinator

Esther coordinates the work of Insight Focused neuroTherapy in the Netherlands. Since the year 2000 she has been working as a psychologist and counselor from her own psychotherapy practice and has been giving training in Insight Focused neuroTherapy for many years. She lives and works in Harderwijk. She also participates in the Insight International team. For more information www.estherjansen.nl

e info@ifnt.nl | w http://www.ifnt.nl/

Rebecca Bos

Rebecca works as a coach and is in the process of completing the IFnT training. In addition, she provides practical support in organizing various events for Insight Netherlands such as the retreats and seminars. Rebecca is married to Michiel and mother of 3 children and lives in Amersfoort.

e rebecca@insightnederland.nl

Debby Boevink

Debby is a coach and counselor for professionals in the health and welfare sector. She works from her own practice in Amersfoort called Zin lifecoaching, “Where insight, personal development, skill and goal achievement come together, allowing you to experience decisiveness and live/function from peace of mind.” The IFnT method is a part of her coaching. Debby is in the completion phase of IFnT training. For more information www.zinlifecoaching.nl

e debby@insightnederland.nl

Saskia Roelofsen

Saskia is a psychosocial therapist, IFnT counselor, trainer and coach, and works in her practice with various methods. As a trainer she gives workshops and lectures on psychological and theological topics. She lives in Rotterdam. For more information visit www.youmakesense.nl.

e saskia@ifnt.nl

Marrie Zuidweg

Marrie is a psychopastoral counselor, IFnT counselor and IFnT trainer. She is married to Ad and they have two adult children and live in Dordrecht. For more information visit www.essenziacoaching.nl.

e marrie@ifnt.nl

Wim van der Laan

Wim is a psychosocial and integrative therapist, physiotherapist, trainer and recognized stress and burnout coach. Wim is married to Corine and father of 3 children and grandfather of 2 grandchildren. He has his own center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration and also has a practice for pastoral counseling in Hattem. He uses IFnT in both.

e wim@praktijkbarach.nl

Henriette van Beijnum

Henriette is a senior coach and counselor. She has her practice Spectus Coaching in Nijmegen. She coaches people with their questions about meaning, stress related problems, burn-out, work related issues, trauma and their longing for recovery in both relational and individual areas. The IFnT method is part of her coaching. Henriette is in the process of completing the IFnT training. For more information www.spectuscoaching.nl