with one of our Insight therapists

We all have times in our lives when we are in need of some external guidance to help us move forward in a positive, productive way. Our therapists are highly-qualified, experienced practitioners who offer world-class psychological training and therapy. We provide a safe, compassionate and welcoming space; tailoring therapy according to your needs:
  • Therapy, relationship therapy, supervision, and life coaching
  • Offering practical solutions based on the latest neuroscience research
  • Skills training in how to re-wire your brain for permanent change

who you can work with in New Zealand

Pauline Skeates

B. Couns., RGON., Dip. NPU., Cert IFT., Cert RF.

Founder, Therapist, Teacher and Insight Thought Leader

Pauline is the founder and leader of Insight and the developer of Insight Focused neuroTherapy. A lifelong learner, her 25 years of experience as a therapist and her vibrant and informative teaching style have earned her a reputation as a sought-after  speaker and trainer in many countries around the world. Pauline’s areas of specialty  include trauma, emotional issues, relational difficulties, grief, stress management, life  transitions and mindfulness training. She is the mother of three adult children and ‘GG’ to her five beautiful grandchildren.

+64 21 974 172 | p +64 9 846 8887 | e


Sandy Fabrin

B. Couns., RGON., Cert. IFT., Family Court Reg., NZCCA., ACC Reg.

Sandy is an experienced therapist with over 20 years in private practice. Her areas of specialty include trauma, emotional issues, relational difficulties, grief, stress management & life transitions. Part of her practice involves sensitive claims work for ACC. She has a long history of involvement in creative pursuits. Sandy trained in print making & painting in the early 1990s and offers art therapy as a way of helping people discover important insights. She has four adult children and four grandchildren.

+64 27 534 0257 | p +64 9 846 8887 | e


what you can expect

First, we create a safe space for you to talk. Then in a conversational manner we:

  1. Undertake an initial assessment answering the following questions; What brings you here? What do you hope to have happen? What do you think is currently holding you back?
  2. Explore influencing factors.
  3. Work together to create an overview of what is happening, making links, identifying strategies and beliefs that might be hindering your momentum.
  4. Facilitate a therapeutic conversation to deepen your awareness and help you to discover insights about your issue, to rewire your brain and to promote your well-being.

We then build on this work session by session, reviewing progress and ensuring the process meets your needs.


Therapy session
Usually 1 hour


Weekdays, 10am – 6pm


In person


83 Ivanhoe Road,
Grey Lynn, Auckland


Pauline $156 + GST (1 hr)
or $234 + GST (for couples, 1.5 hours appointment)

Sandy $125 per hour



How confidential is my session with you?

We are required by law to keep your confidentiality under all circumstances bar in the event you are an imminent danger to yourself or others.

How many therapy sessions will I need?

It really depends what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re coming to work through a single issue then it may only be a few sessions. If you’re looking to work through some significant trauma or historical issues then we can formulate a plan with you and discuss it in more detail once we understand the intricacies of your history and situation.

what people have to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training presented and found the theory and techniques very useful in broadening my professional
practice, as well as enriching my everyday life. I would highly recommend it to professionals working in the helping
professions or anyone with an interest in personal growth and development.”
LINEE, Clinical Psychologist
“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, for any individual”
Deb, Graphic Designer
“The course is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. The trainers are wonderfully welcoming, sensitive and knowledgeable. They deliver the content in a manner that brings research and theory to life. I gained so much that I have been able to implement both personally and within my work. I recommend this training without hesitation. Go for it.”
JULIE, Occupational Therapist