Walking into Grace


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Walking into Grace. A story of the human condition, with a 6 week devotional guide.


By Pauline Skeates and Sandy Fabrin.



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The whole of the Bible, in a macro sense, is the story of humankind – a people, created by God, chosen for relationship.  It beautifully describes the unfolding of that process down through the eons of time.


It can also be considered, in a micro sense, the story of every human being; the struggles we each encounter; the human developmental process; the relationships we have to others and to our loving Creator in this life on the earth, we call our home. In the midst of this story there is a silken thread that runs all of the way through; a thread of connection to our beginning.  To a covenant that God has made to His people, one of grace and of perfect love.


Do we recognize the voice of our loving Parent/Creator as our name is called and do we recognize the Christ who comes to us all?


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