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Advanced Series

Three-in-one Advanced Module
Rotterdam 7th – 9th April 2020

Advance your IFnT skills; learn more about the neuroscience of how the brain works and how to work with the brain. Learn how to integrate concepts from effective therapies into the IFnT process. Learn how to focus on a particular area of concern – inner child, the impact of trauma on the body, intrusive thoughts, relationships and attachment, double binds and more…

Insight Netherlands invites you to join us in beautiful Rotterdam, where international teacher Pauline Skeates will bring the neuroscience and theory of IFnT together with various other therapies alive for us over three, very special days. Each day will focus on how to deepen and expand your understanding of the IFnT process and take your therapeutic skills to the next level.

Pauline’s workshops are packed full of information and innovative strategies for integration and healing interventions. Her energetic teaching style makes for a vibrant, enlightening and fun time.  The subjects that she will be exploring are as follows:

April 7th.

Day One: Attachment and the Social Engagement System

Early bonding experiences during infancy establish the way we attach. If attachment forms insecurely, this will have an impact on our perception of the world as a safe place and a subsequent impact on whether we approach or avoid life’s opportunities. Attachment style also impacts on our adult relationships and our ability to trust or experience meaningful social connections. You will learn how to utilise the ‘social engagement system’ to adjust the ‘neuroception of safety’, down regulate hyper-arousal and activate the attachment hormone, oxytocin, for healing of attachment trauma. The teaching will draw upon research from Ainsworth (early attachment styles), Siegel (developmental neuroscience) and Porges (Love without Fear Theory).

April 8th.

Day Two: Trauma and the Inner-child.

Most of us have fragmented parts of self, stages of development that have been arrested during traumatic experiences in childhood. Unprocessed trauma, developmental and emotional delays and interference in identity formation, affect us deeply as individuals and also as people-groups. You will learn the ways in which IFnT helps us in discovering, accessing and integrating these split off parts. Neuroscientist Daniel Siegel says that psychological health is integration. Learn how to kindly encounter and integrate these lost parts of self and experience a shift towards wholeness and healing.

Pauline will draw upon the work of John Bradshaw (Inner-child), Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems) and Tania Singer (Compassion Training).

April 9th.

Day Three: Healing Day – practical application from a neuroscience perspective

Learn how to establish the essential elements within the environment that are required for neurological restructuring to occur; the important aspects of how the brain functions and how best to utilize its natural processes to promote insight, integration and healing.  Pauline will demonstrate the practical application of how to facilitate the process and provide you with the opportunity to experience this for yourself.

Three days – packed full of useful information, teaching, practical application and the opportunity to be with like-minded people.

Whether your interest in these subjects is professional or personal or both…there will be ample opportunity to deepen your understanding and enhance your practice. This is gearing up to be a very special series!

We hope you will join us there, in Rotterdam – Spring 2020!

Course Details

7th – 9th April 2020
Friday 9.30 am – Sunday 4.30 pm

Insight Focussed NeuroTherapy
Advanced Series

Het Terphuis, Kerkstraat 25 in Poortugaal (near Rotterdam)

€ 495,- excl. accommodation
Early bird discount of € 70,- is available until the 1st of Feb
Lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks are included in the price.

The costs for accommodation are not included in the price.
It is possible to come to day 1, 2 and/or 3 separately
The cost for one day is € 225.- (before 1st feb: € 200.-)
The costs for two days are € 400.- (before 1st feb: € 360.-)
The cost for three days is € 495.- (before 1st feb: € 425.-)

Please let us know in the comment block if you would only like to come for one or two days.

Accomodation: there are several hotels, for eg Hotel Bastion Rotterdam-Zuid at 9 min drive, and B & B close to Het Terphuis. We can also arrange cheaper accommodation in our network for € 35,- a night. For more info about this option please email:

For any other information please feel free to email Esther, Saskia or Pauline.

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