Walking into Grace

Walking into Grace. A story of the human condition, with a 6 week devotional guide.

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The whole of the Bible, in a macro sense, is the story of humankind – a people, created by God, chosen for relationship. It beautifully describes the unfolding of that process down through the eons of time.
It can also be considered, in a micro sense, the story of every human being; the struggles we each encounter; the human developmental process; the relationships we have to others and to our loving Creator in this life on the earth, we call our home. In the midst of this story there is a silken thread that runs all of the way through; a thread of connection to our beginning. To a covenant that God has made to His people, one of grace and of perfect love.
Do we recognize the voice of our loving Parent/Creator as our name is called and do we recognize the Christ who comes to us all? Book by Pauline Skeates and Sandy Fabrin.

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"Breathing out, dropping your shoulders and letting-go of holding on tight and trying so hard (to change it or fix it or work it out).   Placing your hand of kindness on your own chest and noticing what its like to experience the comfort of kindness."

Pauline Skeates

"It has been said that, it is not an event that causes us distress but how we think about the event. Often we become so fused with our thoughts that instead of regarding them as merely thoughts about something, we confuse them with reality"

Pauline Skeates

"In this age of the pursuit of happiness, we are searching constantly on social media and on the world-wide net, to find something or someone, to make us happy.  We measure ourselves against the vocational and relational success of others to see where we sit on the scale of things."

Pauline Skeates

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