Summer series 2023/24 – online from November 2023 – monthly through to May 2024

– A Quantum Leap into Powerful Presence –

Harness the power of nature and forward momentum and change the trajectory of your life.

Come and join us at the Insight International online series 2023/24 where Pauline Skeates continues our journey to find where scientific discovery and Christianity, intersect. This will be mind-blowing, and awe-inspiring and will surely remind us of the miracle of our existence.

Every cell in our body has a quantum energy field. By harnessing the power of this, we can bring balance back to every area of the body, fighting disease and creating health in a power – full way.

Learn how to move beyond survival instincts and build a brain that is habituated to recognise environmental signals of loving-kindness rather than those of fear.

Learn about possibility – probability – outcome…

Learn how “When you direct your consciousness, you harness the power of your mind, activate the splendid machinery of your brain, and influence the environment around you (and within you)” (Chiesa, Calati, & Serretti, 2011)

Content and Practice

  • Energy – Thoughts are electrical impulses that travel along neural pathways, creating electromagnetic fields of energy. These fields of invisible energy influence the molecules of matter in the same way we can transfer heat from one body to another. Every atom in our body creates movement that in turn creates energy and initiates protein folding (movement) to regulate DNA in our brains and bodies. As such, over time, we can change the structure of our brain, healing resonance to our cells and healthy expression of our DNA.
  • There are various energy fields – Magnetic field (MRI) | electrical field (EEG) | light – photons | chemicals – neurochemicals, hormones, peptides, and amino acids.
  • The Quantum Leap – from mind to matter, harnessing and mastering cellular energy. Imagine breaking down the components of matter into molecules, into atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons, into quarks, whose movement translates into energy waves that influence matter; similar to how the energy of a magnet dramatically moves iron filings without any contact. “The universe is democratic and participatory – a joint effort between observer and observed.”
  • We are co-creators with Christ.
  • Brain waves – music. At an atomic level, everything is “dancing” and making its own “music,” vibrating at different sonic frequencies. These vibrations are received by our ears and translated into waves of electricity moving through our brain and affecting its state; moving it to Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, brain frequencies and strongly affect our mood. Once we understand this, we can soothe ourselves by utilising these vibrations, reducing stress and inflammation. When conscious attention changes brain waves change.
  • Entrainment – The quantum principle seen in everyday life, where the rhythms and vibrational energy of objects and people become synchronized – like pendulum clocks in the same room out of sync eventually end up synchronized into the exact rhythm.
  • Entanglement – The idea that relationship is the defining characteristic in space and time. Entanglement offers a glimpse into how distant intention and intercessory prayer might operate to produce healing even at great distances (Church, 2014)
  • Interference – the capacity to enhance or cancel energy waves – constructive interference = harmony that doubles energy or destructive interference that cancels energy
  • Cellular Mechanics – the wonderous workings of the cells in the human body – 50 trillion of them! Learn about health, autophagy and cellular regeneration. The fascinating role of our mitochondria: How to replace these tiny “battery-packs” in our cells. Particularly vital as we age.
  • Cellular Health – micronutrients, Hormesis, Nutrition…What to feed your body for optimum health. Just as we investigate and feed our roses particular plant food to produce healthy blooms, we can learn the nutrients humans need for optimum health outcomes.
  • Multi-cellular – Multi-system beings – Mitochondria, Microbiome, neurotransmitters, nervous system, vagal tone, heart/brain coherence, Psychoneuroimmunology-mind/body connection. We are a living energy field. Our body is composed of energy-producing particles, each of which is in constant motion. Every cell of our body is constantly receiving messages of either love or fear. A cascade of hormones responds to these messages, with powerful health outcomes. Therefore, it is vital to build a body and brain that’s habituated to process the signals of loving-kindness.
  • Environment – internal/external detoxification, pesticides, mould, air pollution, heavy metals, oxidation, stressors, EMF. Toxic relationships also affect us hormonally, chemically and at an energetic level.
  • Consciousness – The quantum perspective gives us a greater understanding about how human consciousness affects the distribution of matter. As we learn, and have novel experiences, matter in the brain is created by a flow of neural brain waves, electrical impulses, creating neurons by the process of neurogenesis. Mind to matter – consciousness is able to nudge matter in a particular direction – intention, awareness, meditation, worship.
  • Quantum practice -the skill. Come and join us to learn how to put into practice the many component parts of the quantum universe to move possibility to probability –to optimum outcome…
  • Healing – understanding the dynamics of what is needed and bringing it all together gives the quantum leap – powerful intention, healing prayer, loving kindness, brain change, and positive outcomes leading to healing and wholeness for yourself and others. Our wonderful body and brain become habituated to process the signals of loving-kindness, moving toward optimal wellbeing.
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Online Monthly from October 2023 with German translation

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what people have to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training presented and found the theory and techniques very useful in broadening my professional
practice, as well as enriching my everyday life. I would highly recommend it to professionals working in the helping
professions or anyone with an interest in personal growth and development.”
LINEE, Clinical Psychologist
“It has been fascinating to learn about how the brain functions under stress, how this relates to an individual’s past and how it can be ‘reset’ to enable more positive outcomes for the future. Learning how to engage in the present moment instead of living in fear of the uncertainties ahead is a must, for any individual”
Deb, Graphic Designer
“The course is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. The trainers are wonderfully welcoming, sensitive and knowledgeable. They deliver the content in a manner that brings research and theory to life. I gained so much that I have been able to implement both personally and within my work. I recommend this training without hesitation. Go for it.”
JULIE, Occupational Therapist