Greetings, to friends of Insight International, where-ever this finds you!

What a few years it has been! At last, we can say that 2022 has been a year of re-connecting across cities…and across the world. How wonderful it has been, as travel has permitted, to be able to be in the same location as family and friends and give them a real hug, rather than a virtual one!

As soon as was possible, Pauline was back in Europe, teaching seminars in the Netherlands, bringing with her fresh, new material, and fresh hope to people’s hearts.

As we write this, Pauline is recovering from recent surgery for a ruptured appendix. What a curveball! She gave us quite a scare, but we are glad to report, she is doing well.

Life certainly does throw us curveballs at times and we are conscious that we all of us have had to negotiate many personal and professional challenges over the past year.

Hopefully, in the darkest of times you will have found your path, as the wise men did, with a bright light leading the way and guiding you onwards.

Working as people-helpers, in different capacities, there have been new issues experienced by those we help. These issues have been caused by isolation, grief, illness, financial difficulties, global warming and war. This takes its toll on us as people-helpers. Stress is cumulative and can be subtle and draining of our energy and vitality over time.

This holiday season we encourage you to find replenishment, nourishment and rest, for yourself, in whichever way works best for you.

Be replenished by laughing and relaxing with friends and family.

Be nourished by letting kindness and love land in your heart when it is given to you. Accept help.
Take a vacation and rest. Be still. Catch up on some sleep. Take the time to experience moments of awe. Perhaps walk in a forest and hug a tree.

If you don’t have time away from work, give yourself permission to take 10-minute vacations during the day where you have mindful moments away from your work or computer, to breathe, regain your equilibrium and reset your nervous system.

Summer Seminars 2023
If you are planning a summer break in 2023 there will be seminars in: Austria 23-26th June and in the Netherlands 15th-17th June where you can come and learn how to take a quantum leap forward in your wellbeing (venues to be confirmed). Pauline Skeates will be presenting ground-breaking new material that combines science, psychology and spiritual growth. See below. Registrations opening soon!

This opportunity is not to be missed. Invest in your future and present wellbeing and come and have your mind stretched and opened to new possibilities.

We hope to meet you there.

Sending love and prayers
Insight International.