Keys for Transformation: Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles

During this seminar, Pauline Skeates will share her insights from her latest findings on what are the keys to transformation. You will have the opportunity to learn from Pauline’s many years of experience and extensive expertise in transformation. And through exercises and self-reflection, you will experience how these keys work.

We especially welcome psychologists, counsellors, coaches, therapists and pastors. However, the seminar is also open to anyone who wants to discover these keys in their own life.

During these three days, you will gain an in-depth understanding of transformative concepts and develop innovative strategies to facilitate integration and deeper recovery. Pauline will also show how in a world of turmoil and stress, we can find and keep deep inner peace. Her energetic, inspiring and humorous speaking style will help you take in new insights easily. She draws her knowledge from a solid scientific background and a deeply rooted faith in Jesus Christ. She provides us with useful and valuable skills to further work with as a “professional” and/or for personal growth.

The entire seminar will be translated by our trusted and knowledgeable interpreter Hope Visser.

Do you have a desire to find keys for transformation in your own life or that of the people you counsel? Then sign up for this seminar and discover how to understand and overcome obstacles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Keys for Transformation – Seminar Netherlands