Have you scratched or painted images on walls, carved initials on trees, declared undying love in heart-shaped sand-drawings, drawn with chalk on the pavement and more recently, posted on social media ‘walls’.

Why do we do it?

Perhaps it is a declaration that “I am”, “I exist”.

We do it as much for ourselves as for those that see it, wanting to confirm that we matter and needing to make our mark on the world.

In our yearning to be seen and heard, we shout in full colour across buildings and trains. We express ourselves in words and tapestries, carvings and dance. The poet speaks for those that have no words and the painter portrays the unspoken, in ways that evoke our deepest longings and fears. The guitarist pulls at our heart strings and touches our soul until we are figures in a Klimt painting. We forget to breathe, as awe overtakes us.

We answer the call to create.

We draw and the line is drawn out of us. It is a line we step over; risking all, in our willingness to be vulnerable and to give expression to our inner-world. We breakthrough into a new and empowered place as we let go of fear of judgement and let self-expression be its own reward.<

Art teaches risk taking and being open to other possibilities. It develops the whole brain, strengthens focus and increases attention. Art challenges our old beliefs and encourages open-ended processing and creates an environment of questions that may not have answers.

Art awakens the senses. Art is a process of learning to become and experience the world differently. Beauty, symbols, spirituality, storytelling, can emerge as art is made.

As we create and become released from the traps of fear and regret, we can be fully present to the unfolding ‘now moment’, the emergent potential and the hope that it contains!