The news is out!

There are many great reasons to pursue mindfulness. A better life can be experienced by merely being consciously connected and paying attention to what is happening in the present moment.

The following benefits are some you may not have heard before.

We particularly liked the story of viewing the earth from space, an incredible moment of awe that only a few people have ever experienced.

We believe you don’t have to be off the planet to experience awe!!

Have a read and come to your own conclusions.

Mindfulness improves your memory

Recent scientific studies have shown that regularly practicing mindfulness can rewire your brain to help you learn and remember things? MRI scans showed that mindful meditation increased grey matter in the hippocampus part of the brain, associated with learning and memory powers.

Surfing the right waves

Harvard University researchers have found that brain cells use frequencies, or waves to regulate the flow of information, just like radio stations broadcast at specific frequencies. The ‘alpha rhythm’ frequency is very active in cells that process touch, sight and sound. These cells help filter out irrelevant and distracting sensations and regulate the flow of information to our senses. Mindfulness training was shown to affect these waves, creating a great ability to concentrate and filter sensory information.

Busy brains take action

Want to know why we continue to worry? Sometimes, worrying, actually calms our limbic system down, by increasing activity, in the action part of our brain (the medial prefrontal cortex). What this tells us is that when you are feeling anxious, your brain wants you to be active, even if it’s active worrying. Mindfulness helps us choose how we act, so that we can use our energy in more positive and constructive way, such as creative problem solving.

Creativity is a product of a calm, alert brain.

Mindfulness helps with divergent thinking: Think outside of the box. What has boxed you in? Being a compassionate observer will help you to step outside of that box to get a different perspective of it. Mindfulness leads to a serene alertness, in which a flow of creativity can happen.

Gratitude as medicine

When we consciously think about things we are grateful for, we can change our biology. Studies have shown that being consciously grateful boosts our levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine (one of the happiness or good-feeling hormones). This is the same effect as taking some antidepressants has on some people. Also, the more you look for things to be grateful, the more your capacity to find things increases!

 Labelling emotions reduces their power

When we can name or label an emotion we are feeling, studies have shown we can reduce its impact. When study participants could name the emotion shown on screen, it reduced the negative impact of those emotions. This is so powerful that even FBI negotiators use labelling emotions as a primary tool in de-escalating hostage situations!

It’s all about perspective

From The Neurotic’s Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment

“Many astronauts have been psychologically changed by the experience of being in space, most notably Edgar Mitchell. In viewing earth from a distance, he had a radical experience that changed his life much more than walking on the moon. Here is his description: “What I experienced during that three-day trip home was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity… The thought was so large it seemed inexpressible, and to a large degree it still is.” Again, one can see the difficulty of shrinking awareness down to the interpretive mind and then finding words to express what is beyond it.”

In conclusion, we want to encourage you to pursue a life of paying attention, on purpose to the present moment, with kindness. As you do, we believe that your life will be enriched, your brain waves soothed, your perspective expanded and you will have improved emotional regulation…so those things in life that trigger you, won’t be as difficult to negotiate.

It’s all good news!