“Picking Up the Pieces” – Inner-child Work<

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you’ve been triggered into a state that was far younger than your chronological age?

Have you ever experienced an occasion when, while talking to someone, you’ve witnessed them regress into something more like that of a five year old?

If that’s been your experience, chances are you’ve encountered a ‘child-within’

Most of us have times when we are triggered into a young child-like state that is different to our actual age.  If we experience this on a regular basis, it is highly likely that circumstances or events in our past have interrupted our emotional development and we have become stuck at the age and stage of our wounding.  This phenomenon is commonly known or refered to as our ‘child within’ or ‘inner-child’.  It is a state where we are triggered into a young, fragmented part of our psyche and experience and respond to the world as if we were that child.

Learn how to heal your Inner-Child woundings and find real freedom.

Inner Child Workshop and Seminar – ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ – June 2015<

In June 2015, Pauline Skeates will take us on a journey of discovery into the world of the ‘inner child’.  We will learn how, by following our own trail of awareness (neurological links of awareness), we can encounter and revive our inner-child and the innocent wonder of childhood.  We will learn how to safely and kindly encounter the young, lost parts within us and to invite them to an integrating party with our adult selves.

Pauline will present a refreshing mindful-awareness approach to working with the inner-child – also  incorporating various concepts from Insight Focused Therapy.

During our three day seminar, Pauline will share case studies and will also discuss different approaches to working with this fascinating and necessary aspect of therapy.  Developmental theory and information from neuroscience will also be presented.

Participants will have ample time to personally experience the benefits of this important work.  An interactive drawing approach, adapted from Russell Withers, will also be taught as a safe way of helping clients to work through inner-child issues.

This seminar is suitable for those interested in learning inner-child work as a therapeutic tool or for those seeking healing from an imperfect childhood.

A purpose-built workbook for this seminar, containing classroom notes and pages for drawing exercises, will be available for you to purchase, from Pauline, to document your journey.