How Stressed Are You?

Is your health at risk – Stress self assessment

Chronically high stress levels may be putting your life at risk. Use the ‘Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale to identify how at risk you may be. The final score will give a rough estimate of how your stress is effecting your health.

To use this scale identify which ‘life’ events apply on the table below, then add together the corresponding number of “life change units”. The final score will give an indication of how at risk you are.


Life EventLife Change Units
Death of a spouse100
Marital Separation65
Death of a close family member63
Personal injury or illness53
Dismissal from work47
Marital reconciliation45
Change in the health of a family member44
Sexual difficulties39
Gain a new family member39
Business Readjustment39
Change in financial state38
Change in frequency of arguments35
Major mortgage32
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan30
Change in responsibilities at work29
Child leaving home29
Trouble with in-laws29
Outstanding personal achievement28
Spouse starts or stops work26
Begin or end school26
Change in living conditions25
Revision of personal habits24
Trouble with boss23
Change in working hours or conditions20
Change in residence20
Change in schools20
Change in recreation19
Change in church activities19
Change in social activities18
Minor mortgage or loan17
Change in sleeping habits16
Change in number of family reunions15
Change in eating habits15
Minor violation of law11



  • 300+ : At risk of illness
  • 150 – 299+ : Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk
  • 150 – : Only have a slight risk of illness

If you feel like you would like to talk with someone further about anything that has come up for you while doing this exercise, please click here to be taken through to our Contact Us page.


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