Do you find it hard to get up in the morning? With winter upon us its always tempting to press the snooze button pull up the covers and roll over for another few more minutes of blissful sleep!

So… how do we find the power to override this natural comfort seeking enertia to get up and get going…?

According to Japanese tradition, ‘ikigai’ will do it.

‘Ikigai’ means, a ‘reason for being’. The word, ‘ikigai’ stems from two words, ‘iki’ = life and ‘gai’ = the realisation of hopes and expectations. It is considered to be the source of a fulfilling and enjoyable life; a deeply personal and individual thing, also expressed in meaningful connections with loved ones and community.

Our ikigai may involve something that excites us or makes us happy…or the opposite. It may evoke a furious reaction e. g. when we see injustice, exploitation or pollution. These passionate reactions teach us something about what is important to us and what gives life meaning.

Rohr writes, “…finding deep meaning in our experiences is not just another name for spirituality but is also the shape of human happiness” (Pg114)

We wish you well in your discovery and pursuit of your personal ikigai.