Letting go to Grow… letting go of comparing

‘Comparison’ is a form of “violence to our souls” says Iyanla Vanzant.

Teddy Roosevelt states ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy.’ 

A potent reminder of how ‘Comparison’ works in opposition to the environment of kindness we humans need to flourish.

Successful people know that holding onto a negative mindset is like poison to the soul, yet the majority of us drink daily from that poisoned chalice.

It runs something like this; we start the New Year feeling stressed realising we have failed to meet the expectations we set the previous year.  The word ‘fail’ hangs on a sign dangling above our heads, we judge and find ourselves wanting.  To validate this self-depreciation we turn our eye outward, toward others, carefully perusing their achievements as a daming indictment. Scrolling hungrily through social media feeds we confirm our negative beliefs that deeply undermine our ability to approach the world effectively. We render ourselves impotent.

‘Comparison’ is a form of “violence to our souls” (Iyanla Vanzant), a poison that kills the essence of who and what we are, our ipseity our motivating passion.

Letting go of comparing is our pathway back to source, back to the essence of who and what we are and what empassions to get us up in the morning.  A reconnection with our unique and wonderous creation.

Letting go to Grow is letting go of judging and comparing, it is a belief that there is something intrinsically wonderful in each one of us, it is reaching out for a kinder alternative.  When all things have passed away, there is faith, hope and love…

Letting go to Grow