Covid-19 has landed on our doorsteps and forced us collectively to close our doors and borders to keep the unseen enemy out.

Most of us will have never, in our lifetime, encountered anything as threatening as this virus as it spreads its tentacles, in a merciless attempt to invade every arena of our lives – individually and collectively.

From where I sit in New Zealand, I have witnessed on screen – mouths wide open, so many tragic scenes from countries all around the world.  We have all experienced the challenges of being in lockdown, the isolation and dislocation from those we love, at a time when to gather, together, is our greatest desire.

At the same time, we have also witnessed with awe – mouths wide open, the magnificence of the human spirit… courageous acts of bravery, service, dedication and commitment… to save lives, to feed the people, to inform and instruct, to support the old and the vulnerable. We have witnessed amazing human beings who have worked tirelessly on the front line for the well-being of humanity… I am sure you, along with me, are humbled and grateful!

“Never before in human history have so many people across so many nations unified towards beating a single common enemy – this virus. But as disastrous as this pandemic has been, it might just be the catalyst for the greatest acceleration of unity our planet has ever seen.”

Be bold, be brilliant, be KIND and for each precious breath, be grateful …

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