A handy guide to happiness for busy stressed out people

Most of us want to be happy but just how much control do we have over that?

In our quest for happiness we attempt to find it – in activities, pursuits, people around us or in things.  We often blame others or circumstances for our unhappiness, at times we are even angry with ourselves. Sometimes we do need to change aspects of our situation but how often do we consider that

our own attitude might be the single most crucial factor in having a happy existence?

If there is a prescription for happiness how do we prescribe it for ourselves at the start of each day?

Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky discusses the “happiness set point” and writes that 50 per cent of happiness is genetic, 10% circumstantial, and 40 per cent the result of our own personal outlook.

The prescription for happiness, according to Lyubomirsky, is the focus of our attention, what we focus on affects our attitude, and our attitude affects our happiness!

Focus on the positive attributes of situations.  Just being aware that you have power over your emotional state, and coming to the realization that you can actively decide how you are affected by certain life events, can help increase your overall happiness in very profound ways.

A focus on gratitude, kindness, thankfulness and a slowing down to savour the special little moments in life are the key behaviours that promote and sustain happiness.

With focus, we can write a prescription of happiness for this moment; for the day…and, as this becomes a daily practice – for life.

A little girl’s morning affirmations: