Think of the latest situation where you felt stressed.  Any change is a form of stressor, whether perceived as positive or negative because it disturbs our equilibrium and requires adjustments in our usual behavior.

1.Find somewhere comfortable and quiet

2. Close your eyes for a few minutes. Notice your Breathing. Now do a mental ‘scan’ through your body and become aware of any physiological stress reaction. Are your muscles tense or sore? How is your breathing? How are you holding your abdomen?

3. As you focus your attention on this, what are you becoming aware of?

4. Say, “Hello” to that awareness. Don’t judge it or try to figure it out. Just observe it with non-judgmental compassion.

5. Now what are you becoming aware of?

6. Turn your attention to your emotional state. What are you becoming aware of?

By becoming more aware of how we respond when we are feeling stressed, we are better able to manage the response as it happens. It is important that we make these observations without judgement, our self-critic can further exacerbate the stress response.

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